• “You have genuine concern for patients’ ailments. [Acupuncture] gave me the opportunity to sleep much better, and gave me a more relaxed feeling. It gives me a feeling of wellness.”


  • “I’m surprised that after my hamstring pain was better, you have also helped me with sinus problems and arthritis pain as well. You are there to help and genuinely seem concerned about your patients and their comfort. I love the office. Very relaxing and not at all like a traditional dr’s office”


  • “The treatment worked and has made me feel better. I was surprised that I could come back because I always thought needles would be very painful, but you explained everything well and it didn’t feel bad at all. It’s very pleasant. You are friendly and nice and the office is comfortable.”


  • “I was amazed at the almost instant and lasting relief and good feeling all over. The weekly treatments have progressively subdued the symptoms [of chronic PTSD}. I am grateful for your going beyond your boundaries and helping other areas of bodily healing I needed. To me, you are truly a trustful doctor that works in a professional manner in a tranquil atmosphere that has delivered healing results beyond my expectation and have already recommended BHAC.”